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Layout and design

Focusun Refrigeration has a professional team that can help you to make your primary layout according to your requirements.

Please note the following conditions:

  • Where the ice will be used.
  • Inlet water temperature.
  • Outlet water temperature.
  • Air (ambient) temperature.
  • M3 water per hour.
  • Power available.
  • Whether you want to equip with ice bin.

All the drawings & layouts are exclusively the copyright and proprietary material of Focusun Technology. Any use without prior written permission from Focusun is strictly prohibited and we will enforce the rights to the fullest extent permitted by Chinese law and International policy.

Customer Plant Layout, Design by Focusun Technology (Two Samples):

80 ton flake ice machine with 50 ton automatic ice storage system

the layout of 10 ton water cooling tube ice machine

Ice plant design

Would you like to own an ice plant and sell ice for high profit? If so welcome to contact us so that we can offer professional advice on further details upon such information:

  • New Plant Start-up.
  • Drawings.
  • Layout.
  • Installation Plan.
  • Consulting.
  • Layout and Installation of Refrigeration Piping System.

Project management

Focusun has Professional Project Management teams that are assigned to coordinate and manage your outstanding projects to ensure a successful conclusion. They will assist you in every stage of your project so that everything goes smoothly and efficiently.Our international Marketing team will assist you in your future expansion plans

Focusun provides you with installation instructions, and your professional engineers can install all the parts easily according to the instructions.Our technicians and engineers who are skilled and experienced in every stage of ice plant operations are capable to handle the most difficult projects. If you have any questions or comments on the installation, please Contact us at your most convenient time.It's our great pleasure to install free of charge the big capacity ice machine at your location and your staff will be trained by our professional engineers if you could bear food and accommodation during the process of installation

If you need the design of above projects or like to further understand our service, welcome to dial our service line: +86-21-5108 9946 or send your mails to, Focusun promises you excellent service.

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