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Fully automatic Ice packing system

This machine is developed by the latest technology of Focusun. It is able to provide you with automatic ice loading, weighing, packaging and sealing functions.

FP-01A ice packing machine is designed to meet the food standard, all products contact areas are covered by high quality SUS304 which complies to the food safety requirements. It is multi-functional, can be used in different products packaging. Easy to use, finger controlled style, super intelligent, high performance in both metering speed and accuracy--All in one machine, FP-01A .

The whole packing process is controlled by a touch screen monitor which complied with a LPC computer made in Japan. All information including running state, operation order, error state, production data processing is displayed by the touch screen. You don't need to stop the production for revising parameters and adjusting position.

FP-01A is utilizing a Z-type conveyor loader. It will significantly minimize the damage to ice. It contains a single weighing head, or multiple weighing heads for optional choices. The single weighing heads configuration is capable to process 1.8 tons tube/ cube ice packing per hour, free choice for packaging size from 0.1Ks to 5Ks; its stable and accurate performance of film pulling has been achieved by utilizing an AC servo motor. Also it doesn't need to be lubricated.

FP-01A has equipped with a programmed temperature sensor which can control the hot sealing temperature and timing. The zigzag shape sealer can also print the production date and serial numbers on the package. Finished packaged ice will be in envelop- type bags. (pillow-type and block bottom type are optional).

System structural components:

  • Vibration feeder
  • Loading conveyor
  • Computer complete weight balance
  • LCD control board
  • Vertical form fill seal machine
  • Output conveyor
  • Check weight balance
  • Metal detector
  • Rotary collection table

System configuration:

  • Main alternator: Panasonic (Japan)
  • PLC: Panasonic (Japan)
  • LCD display: Panasonic (Japan)
  • Compressor: AIRTAC (Taiwan)
  • Sensor: Omron (Japan)
  • Switch board: Chint (China)

L×W×H mm
Packaging section 1200*1200*1800 420 480 2.6M3
Weight balance 1600*1100*1000 200 250 1.8M3
Z-type loader 2500*700 350 380 1.8M3

Power:220v 50Hz 1.8kw
Film width: 350mm
Metering speed: 12bag/min
Air consumption: 0.7Mpa 20L/min
Weighing accuracy: ± 0.1%
Metering capacity:2-5Kgs


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