Ice crusher - Focusun Ice Machine
Focusun offers high quality ice crushers that can meet your different ice crushing requirements.
  1. The Modular design makes easy and safe operation;
  2. Stainless steel materials ensure sanitary and reliable ice crushing;
  3. Crush ice twice can make for the ideal crushed ice.

The following factors need to be taken into account because of different requirement on the ice crusher's function when you want to crush different ice:

  1. Make sure what kind of ice you want to crush and how much you want it to be crushed.
  2. Verify the size of ice before and after it is crushed.

Focusun ice crusher has got the below three main categories to handle any form of ice crushing needs.

When block ice crusher is aligned with cube ice crusher, it then will become a perfect snow making machine, and surprisingly the crushing material is block ice.

Tube ice crusher Block ice crusher
Countertop ice crusher
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