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Ice shaving machine is an equipment to shave block ice (usually cube ice, tube ice, flake ice) into snow shape crushed ice using for shaving ice food with various flavors and tastes. The shaving ice food is a good product for summer season revenue which is widely used in catering, hot and cold drink shops, restaurants, coffee shops, snacks and hotels or other industries.

FOCUSUN offers two different types ice shaving machines, ice shaving speed can up to 6kg and 8kg per minute. The ice after shaving is delicate and fully confirms to the food standard.

FOCUSUN ice shaving machine technical parameter:
Mode Rated voltage Capacity Rated power Outline size Net weight Shaving speed
TL158 220V 2Kg 180W L320*W400*H480mm 23Kg 6Kg/Min
TL168 220V 6Kg 250W L430*W340*H720mm 26Kg 8Kg/Min
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