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Customers who buy tube ice crusher or block ice crusher can choose the screw conveying system as auxiliary equipment, which is convenient for ice storage and ice transportation, so as to improve work efficiency.

After being crushed by ice crusher, the block ice fall into storage tank at the lower end of the equipment. The high-speed screw transfers crushed ice to the outer end. The customer can freely use a turnover box or a packaging bag to pack.

- Completely sealed without pollution to products;
- Inside and outside wall polishing treatment, the material is not easy to bond;
- The process is excellent, economical and helps to improve productivity;
- The new developed transportation equipment is widely used in various industries;
- The conveying speed is quick and ice is even.

FOCUSUN screw ice crusher technical parameter:
Mode Capacity Installed power Net weight Maximum delivery height
FIPK-03T 50Kg/Min 5.5Kw 550Kg 1900mm
FIPK-05T 85Kg/Min 7.5Kw 800Kg 1900mm
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