Ice packing machine - Focusun Ice Machine
In view of the increasing demand for an ice bagger (a perfect match with Focusun tube ice machine and cube ice machine), Focusun has developed an efficient bagging machine for tube ice and cube ice. Focusun provides both fully-automatic and semi-automatic ice baggers for different options.

FP-01A FP-01D FP-01S

In general, most of the Ice baggers have the similar constitution of three sections. They are loading section, weighing section, packaging section.

1 Loading section:

This is where the ice will be automatically loaded into the Ice bagger and elevated to the weighing section by auger or conveyer onto bottom load models in which situation the outlet of an ice machine is too low to load from the top.

In top load case, there will not be any auger or conveyer for elevating ice.

2 Weighing section:

The weighing section contains a scale sensor which weighs the loaded ice. The machine operator can monitor the weighing section to pack the ice into required weight for each package. Normally it comes with a LCD display.

3 Packaging section:

Weighed ice will come out onto the outlet facilitated with a packaging unit which can automatically package the ice into bags. In the Semi-automatic case it will be done manually.

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