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Using the side-by-side helix to rotate at the bottom of the ice storage room, it can avoid ice freezing in the bottom. When bottom spiral rotates, it achieves the full function of automatic ice storage, automatic ice screeding, automatic ice doffing, automatic ice weighing and etc.

During the running process, screw ice storage will accelerate the crushing speed. So, it’s more suitable for the storage and transport of small ice, such as tube ice, cube ice and plate ice.

When this kind of ice storage room is applied to the food industry, all screws need to use stainless steel 304 or 316 material. When screw ice storage room cooperates with the weighing system and the conveying system, it can realize long-distance quantitative transportation.

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Screw ice storage room Screw ice storage room
Screw ice storage room Screw ice storage room
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