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FOCUSUN semi-automatic ice packing machine is consists of three parts: feeding, weighing, packing. Single dynamo supply power, screw conveying ice. We are devoted to providing you with simple, reliable, economical ice packing machine.

Semi-automatic ice packing machine features:
- Simple structure, light weight, convenient transport.
- All interface is covered by stainless steel 304, completely conform to food hygiene standard.
- Customized feed inlet, suitable for 3 tons -20 tons of different output ice maker;
- Foot and program automatic combination control technology, weighing arbitrary;
- Equipped with automatic overload equipment, so that the machine automatically stop in case of excessive power;
- Equipped with SIEMENS high quality motor, packaging 150 thousand times, no trouble;
- The equipment parts are made by the world famous brand: power control: Schneider (France); sensors: OMRON (Japan); switch: Schneider (France).

FOCUSUN semi-automatic ice packing machine technical parameter:
Mode Packing capacity Outline size
(length*width*height mm)
Packing range Average packing speed diameter
FIP-01D-I 500Kg/hr 1980*600*1775 5Kg~10Kg 4bags/min 150mm
FIP-01D-II 800Kg/hr 1600*600*1775 11Kg~18Kg 2bags/min 180mm

Remark: The user shall choose according to the weight of the ice in the bag. The packaging capacity of ice packs will affect the packaging speed and the daily ice content of the packaging machines.

Voltage: 380V 50/60HZ 1KW

Loading capacity: 10L

Length of screw: customized according to different demands

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