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Focusun offers customers our two ways to produce slurry ice: using brine water with 3.2% salinity min. and the second way is using seawater directly. Both two types have distinctive features and advantages.

Slurry ice, a type of ice in slurry form, due to its special semi fluid state, slurry ice is also called fluid ice, flowing and liquid ice. It’s a mixture of water (brine water / seawater) and millions of ice crystals.

Slurry Ice Features
Amazing cooling
Among all known artificial ice shapes, slurry ice has largest contact area by coming into full contact with refrigerated products which brings a wonderful cooling efficiency.

Better quality
Differs to any other shapes of solid ice, slurry ice produced by Focusun Slurry Ice Machine can be adjusted in ice temperature and firmness just by adjusting the ratio between ice and water.
Slurry ice is a flowing, soft ice without edges that ensures no damage to cooled subjects.

Labor saving
Ice slurry can be pumped directly to the place of use, significantly reduces the handling costs.

Lower energy costs
Takes more less time to cool products with larger contact area.
Cools with smaller temperature differentials, using less energy when compared to normal refrigeration technology.

Application: Seafood preservation, aquatic products preservation, supermarkets, food processing, fisheries, etc..

Slurry Ice Machine Features
  1. Highest material food grade Stainless Steel SUS316 selected for all contact areas.
  2. No need of block ice machine and ice crusher, slurry ice machine brings you better ice but costs you less.
  3. Operates with low brine concentrations (3.2% salinity min).
  4. Slurry ice can wrap frozen products completely without any gap thereby ensuring a rapid and wonderful cooling performance.
  5. Adopting both brine water and seawater to produce slurry ice satisfying requirements from different regions.
  6. Available in the daily capacity: 1-60 tons.
  7. Suitable for all current refrigerants: R22, R404A, R507,etc..
Slurry Ice Machine Models and Specification
Model FSL-50 FSL-100 FSL-150 FSL-200 FSL-300 FSL-600
Daily Capacity 5T 10T 15T 20T 30T 60T
960kg 1500kg 2150kg 2600kg 3280kg 5300kg
4.3kw 10.85kw 13.5kw 20.8kw 35.68kw 59.66kw
Install Power 5.5kw 12.5kw 15.75kw 25kw 38kw 79kw
200L/h 400L/h 600L/h 820L/h 1020L/h 1400L/h
Water inlet
Refrigerant R22/R404A/R507
The daily production capacity tested in: dry bulb temp. 33 ℃ and water inlet temp. 25℃. Applicable condition: 45℃ max. ambient temp., ice water temp.: 0-40℃.
*The above-mentioned parameter will be changed subjected to technical innovation without further notice.
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