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As important as the production is the appropriate storage of the flake ice produced. Focusun supplies the following modular ice storages with capacities from 20-200 tons. And they are equipped with fully-automatic ice rake and crawler type systems.

The storages have a special designed double-wall insulation which allows a proper air-circulation around the ice even when the ice storage is completely full. Of course each ice storage is equipped with an air-cooling unit keeping the storage temperature at around - 5℃. Thus the flake ice remains crisp avoiding problems during the transportation by screw conveyors or by a blowing system.

Automatic ice storage features

  • Long service time is guaranteed by the corrosion resistance of the galvanized steel frames and stainless shelves.
  • Ice storage capacity can be adjusted automatically
  • Wonderful water drainage system can ensure ice storage operate stably for a long period
  • All lubricants can touch food safely
  • The wall and the roof are made of steel frame
  • Durable, reliable to use and easy to maintain.

Structure feature of rake ice storage
The storage bin consists of inner and outer parts. The inner part is an ice storage room with an ice rake inside and air cooler on the top while the outer part includes an ice deflector with a horizontal spiral conveyor below. Even if the ice storage is full of ice, cool air can still circulate inside.

Structure feature of crawler ice storage
The entire floor of the storage facility is in the form of a tracked conveyor which moves the stored ice to the front, where it passes through the crusher and is then discharged via the screw conveyor at the bottom outlet.


The design of the foundation depends on the type of batching plant, steel foundations including stairs, railings and platforms. After connection to the power supply and to the cooling water – and installing the flake ice plant of course – the ice storage and discharge system is ready to use.

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