Ice storage - Focusun Ice Machine
Thanks to the technology of three dimensional parametric computer aided design, Focusun is able to provide clients with ice storage in any size and materials.

In addition, the latest PU foam generator enables us to make the most reliable insulation layer from 80mm to 120mm thick. Standard thickness of PU layer is 97mm.

We also offer multiple options for materials using for outer and inner wall. High quality SUS304 and aluminum are totally compliant with the food safety standards. In alternative, we have galvanized steel panel from the most quality supplier to fulfill your needs in the most economical way.

Focusun manufactures three different types of ice storage:

Types Temperature Application fields
Common type +50C~-20C Fruits, vegetable, flowers, dairy products, wines, chocolate, fresh eggs、meat, medicine, tea leaves, seed, etc.
Refrigerated-type -10C~-23C Frozen fish, meat and poultry.
Containerized -10C~-23C Fish, meat, rice and flour, ice cream, blood products, chemical raw material, etc.

Common - Type With-refrigeration Type Containerized Type
Common - Type With-refrigeration Type Containerized Type
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