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Vacuum cooling systems are suitable for ready meat with the cooking operations, which can considerably shorter the cooling process, and therefore, inhibit the micro-organisms proliferation, extend the storage and shelf life and improve product quality and safety.

Application: Steamed, boiled, fried and baked food, such as ready meat, soy products, fast food, bread and so on.

Features and benefits of Vacuum cooler:

  1. Rapid Cooling: typically 10 – 15 minutes to reach normal atmospheric temperature; 25minutes to reach 10 ℃.
  2. Uniform Cooling: For vacuum cooling, the effect that package will affect cooling rate is negligible.
  3. Clean and sanitary: in vacuum circumstances, effectively sterilize the products, inhibit the micro-organisms proliferation, and also prevent the cross-contamination.
  4. Easy to operate: pressure sensor controls the cooling system and vacuum system. Equipped with remote control and monitoring equipment facilitates the operation and quickly resolves equipment failures.


1 FVC-01S Single Bin Model 150 kg 300 kg
2 FVC-01P Single Pallet Model 450 kg 900 kg
3 FVC-02P Two Pallet Model 900 kg 1800 kg
4 FVC-04P 4 Pallet Model 1800 kg 3600 kg
5 FVC-06P 6 Pallet Model 2700 kg 5400 kg
6 FVC -08P 8 Pallet Model 3600 kg 7200 kg
7 FVC -10P 10 Pallet Model 4500 kg 9000 kg
8 FVC -12P 12 Pallet Model 5400 kg 10800 kg

※ Focusun professional R&D team will design the specific vacuum cooler for your special requirements.

Tailor made options available:

  1. Door :   A. Standard swing door   B. Horizontal sliding door
  2. Condensing type:  A. Air cooling condenser  B. Water cooling condenser C. Evaporative cooling condenser
  3. Refrigeration system:  A. Freon system (R404a)   B. Ammonia system
  4. Chamber material:   A. Painted mild steel   B. Stainless steel
  5. Additional options available:  A.. Hydro cooling system  B. Pulley loading system
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