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In order to make the customer more efficient use of block ice, FOCUSUN specially designs ice crusher for block ice machine. Our excellent design skills and extensive experience ensure that the customer achieves the best ice crushing effect.
25kg ice crusher 40kg ice crusher
50kg ice crusher 100kg ice crusher
Ice crawler+ice crusher+broken ice into track crawler ice moving out+ice crusher +ice packing system
Ice crusher is need to being echoing with the position of ice storage room, minimize labor costs. At the same time, the size and stop position of ice moving track is need to be taken into consideration to ensure the best cold storage, ice crushing, ice moving solutions.

Please contact our technical engineer: kiki.feng@focusun.com. to know the most scientific ice crushing scheme.

FOCUSUN block ice crusher features:
- Shell of the machine is galvanized iron and stainless steel materials to ensure the exquisite and beautiful appearance;
- Modular design makes operation more simple and safe;
- High efficiency and long service time can guarantee 30 thousand hours trouble free operation;
- The cutter head can adopt stainless steel 304 material which meets the food grade standards of special industries.

FOCUSUN block ice crusher technical parameter:
Mode Capacity Installed power Voltage Net weight Size
FCS-01B 50kg/min 1.5kw 380V/50Hz/3P 85kg 1200X500X1200
FCS-02B 100kg/min 3.7kw 380V/50Hz/3P 100kg 1200X600X1200
FCS-03B 200kg/min 6.5.kw 380V/50Hz/3P 150kg 1300X700X1300
FCS-04B 400kg/min 11.5kw 380V/50Hz/3P 180kg 1400X700X1400
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