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FOCUSUN tube ice crusher is designed specially for tube ice machine which makes ice crushed on the second time widely used in extensive areas, also adds a choice for customers.

Application area:
Edible ice factory:
Ice using place such as coffee shops ,bars, hotels;
Supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and other commercial areas;
Aquatic products and food preservation.

- Modular design makes operation more easy and safe;
- Use stainless steel 304 materials ensures sanitary process;
- The body is simple and fashionable, beautiful.

FOCUSUN tube ice crusher technical parameter:
Mode Capacity Installed power Net weight size
FCS-01T 25Kg/Min 1.5Kw 120Kg L760*W550*H700mm
FCS-02T 50Kg/Min 4.0Kw 230Kg L850*W650*H950mm
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